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Hi, I'm is Dr. Forrest Jones, and like many, I understand the uncertainty that comes with thinking about the future of your health. You don't need to feel overwhelmed. Here's what I want for you...

To confidently take control of your healthcare decisions, knowing your wishes will be respected and your quality of life preserved. Let's navigate this journey together, creating a personalized plan that reflects your values and gives you the peace of mind to enjoy life to its fullest.

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FOR FAMILY CAREGIVERS: Family Caregiver Mastery

Do you wonder how to get started as a caregiver for your loved one?

Do your loved one’s care needs leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and out of control?

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FOR DOCTORS: CaringEnd Empowerment  Path

Do you avoid advance care planning conversations for lack of training, time, or incentives?

You can regain your passion, your curiosity, your sense of mastery.

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I am Forrest Jones MD.

I leverage advance care planning conversations to help doctors connect with and care for their patients, and to help family caregivers find balance and satisfaction as they care for their loved ones.

I have been a physician in Family Medicine for over 40 years. I earned my doctorate at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed my Family Medicine residency at Cook County Hospital Chicago. 

When I became the power of attorney for my parents, I realized I was not having advance care planning conversations with my own patients: too many barriers. And as a caregiver for my parents, I experienced challenges unique to family caregivers.  

I determined to do better. I discovered that advance care planning conversations helped me connect with my patients. They revived my passion, curiosity, and empathy, and reduced my risk for burnout. They also, to my surprise, built my patients’ and their family caregivers’ trust in me.  

Now I help others facing those challenges: doctors to have advance care planning conversations that encourage them, and family caregivers to not just survive but to thrive. I am currently focusing on helping family caregivers to partner with their loved ones, partner with the doctors, and partner with themselves.

I enjoy free time with my wife Roberta, and our children and grandchildren. I also delight in good food, travel, and music. 


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