Revitalizing clinical care using end-of-life conversations

A New Book by Forrest W. Jones MD, available Spring-Summer 2022


Caring End takes your medical decision-making to a new level. It is a conceptual roadmap for end-of-life and goals-of-care conversations with your patients.

Caring End is a process that helps you as a clinician perform & document end-of-life goals of care. 

Using Caring End's C.A.R.E.S. model, you can better explain values and preferences, and educate patients in their self-care. 

What Problem Are We Solving?

You as a clinician face barriers to having end-of-life conversations. 

You recognize that without an advance care plan, your patients and their loved ones can be overwhelmed with emotion, and can be dissatisfied and confused by poor communication.

This  can compromise goal-concordant care. 

The Caring End approach helps clinicians overcome knowledge, time, and lack-of-readiness limitations in themselves and in their patients.  

What Will Caring End Do?

Caring End seeks to promote your readiness and sense of fulfillment in having end-of-life conversations with your patients, 

to encourage collaborative decision-making and patient self management, and 

to help make the office visit experience more meaningful and satisfying for you, the clinician, and the patients you serve. 

Forrest Jones MD, FAAFP, has been a Family Physician for over 40 years. He earned his doctorate in medicine at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine residency at Cook county Hospital in Chicago. 

He enjoys free time with his wife Roberta, his three children and two  grandchildren. He also delights in good food, travel, music and bicycling. 

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