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 Just starting to care for a family member  

and wondering what your are getting yourself into? 


Already frustrated and overwhelmed

constantly doubting yourself and worrying that your are not doing enough? 


Neglecting and running yourself ragged 

because you don’t have support or a plan? 

A family caregiver?  

This program is for you family caregivers, who care for a family member or other loved one, who want to get more balance and control in their lives

This program IS NOT for

Though their assistance is invaluable, this program is not designed for the professional or agency caregiver. 

This program coaches and supports you

  • To partner with your doctors,
  • To partner with your loved one, 
  • To partner with yourself.

FOR the FAMILY CAREGIVERS: Family Caregiver Mastery  


Do you wonder how to get started as a caregiver for your loved one?

Do your loved one’s care needs leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and out of control?

Do you neglect and run yourself ragged because you lack a plan and sufficient support?

Gain peace of mind and confidence as you partner with your loved one, partner with their doctors, partner with yourself with Family Caregiver Mastery. 

Family Caregiver Mastery is a system based on the CARES  modular system I created that describes the medical life journey as a road trip with mileposts. Family Caregiver Mastery helps family caregivers partner with your loved one’s doctors, partner with your loved one, and partner with yourself.

CARES stands for Category, Awareness, Rating, Expectation and Self-management.  

Category: a framework for interpreting, with the doctors and your loved one, what is physically going on. Awareness: a framework for interpreting, with your loved one, what this means emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Rating: a framework for interpreting where your loved one is on their medical life journey. Expectation: a framework for interpreting prognosis. Self-management: a platform for creating, coordinating, and carrying out action plans for the chronic illness most likely to impact your loved one’s life.   


Family Caregiver Mastery is for non-professional family members, neighbors or friends who are caregivers. You may lack the information to grasp what is going on, or to plan and make decisions with confidence. Scheduling issues and communication challenges with the doctors and your loved one can frustrate you and aggravate your overwhelm. You may feel isolated and lack the emotional support to help you keep going.  

Family Caregiver Mastery is not, however, intended for professional or agency caregivers. 


You, the family caregiver, gain tools to encourage your loved one and confidently coordinate their care needs. This reduces your sense of overwhelm and burnout so you can show up with your best self. Then your life can be richer for having committed to this caregiver journey that is life-giving and healing. By your job well done, you help your loved one have the best health and wellbeing possible in their present, and ultimately “a good dying” in their future.  





I am Forrest Jones MD

Forrest Jones MD, FAAFP, has been a Family Physician for over 40 years. He earned his doctorate in medicine at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine residency at Cook county Hospital in Chicago.

He was medical power of attorney for his parents and is currently helping others facing those challenges. 

He enjoys free time with his wife Roberta, children and grandchildren. He also delights in good food, travel and music. 

 One of the toughest most sacred callings that we have is to care for those we love.
My promise is to provide you with meaningful and  relevant information designed to help you succeed at being the best family caregiver you can be. 
I want you not just to survive, but to thrive. 
Let me help you

Where are you on your family caregiver journey? 

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