As the advance care plan agent for both my elderly parents, I learned the advantage of being proactive rather than reactive. 

That's why I created the Caring End System

I created the Caring End system to solve a problem I was having in my  family medicine practice: I was not helping my patients prepare the advanced care plans that they needed. 

I wanted a practical way to incorporate end-of-life care planning in my daily workflow. 

Frustrated by too much to do, not enough time, my personal practice style, and scheduling challenges, I fell short of my expectations. 

I believed, after all, that providing quality comprehensive primary care meant helping my patients maximize wellness in their present, and prepare for a good end -- a "soft landing" -- at their dying in the future. 

I began exploring ways to achieve this goal within my typical primary care physician's schedule.

As I put into practice what I learned, I regained a sense of mastery, professional satisfaction and ability to connect with my patients that were so important to me.

I sincerely believe you can too. 

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